Getting updates and software for Old Windows versions

This is a list of updates and apps that I find useful on computers running old Windows versions.
Most of everything that makes up this list is taken from this document (which you can find on the r/windowsxp sidebar), I only took that and neatly arranged it into an HTML table.

Note: Recommended programs are marked with one asterisk*
Apps that require caution are marked with two asterisks**

Web Browsers

Note: in any Firefox-based browser use TenFourFox PEP to speed it up.

Name Version Download Link Notes
** 360Chrome Extreme Explorer (MSFN Rebuild) 360 - 13.0.2250.0
Chrome 86.0.4240
EclecBoard Modified builds, may contain telemetry, use with caution. Some instances have issues with certificates but HTTPS connections work fine
Advanced Chrome 54.20.6530.0 Slightly newer Chromium version
Arctic Fox 27.11.0 OS X oriented browser but has XP port
** Chromium 87 MiniBrowser 87.0.4280, Newer version,
Modified version (recommended), Forum post
May contain telemetry, slower than 360Chrome
Chromium Portable 49.0.2623.23 Could not find normal Chromium version that works with XP
Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112 (offline installer), Homepage Last XP version
* K-Meleon 76 Goanna 76.4.4 K-Meleon Forums,, Homepage Can also be found on roytam1's blog
Maxthon Browser Last XP version
* Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0esr, Homepage Last XP version
Mozilla Firefox 52.0.2, Homepage Has WebAssembly
Mozilla Firefox 45.9.0esr Last Firefox version for non-SSE2 CPU's like the Pentium III.
* Mypal 68 68.12.1 - 68.12.5 Releases, GitHub Repository
Older versions:
68.12.1 patched for file downloads
New version of Mypal based on Firefox Quantum 68esr. So far the best available browser on XP.
Latest version of Adguard that works is 3.6.17, and best working uBlock version is 1.16.2. Later versions of uBlock have issues on XP, but not Vista+.
Mypal 68.12.2b was super buggy from my experience.
Remember to clear your profile folder before version upgrades (Mypal68 in AppData)! Easiest way to find it is using Everything.
Mypal Legacy 29.3.0, Mypal Releases Archive, Archived source code, Unofficial Homepage Discontinued old version
* New Moon 28.10 roytam1's Blogspot page Still updated, alternative to Mypal, also has non-SSE2 version.
Opera 36.0.2130.80 Last XP version
Otter Browser 1.0.81 Official site Needs updated certificates on XP
Pale Moon 26.5.0, Homepage Pale Moon is pure and utter garbage, please don't use it
Safari 5.1.7, Homepage Here for laughs, can't even open
SeaMonkey 2.49.5 Last XP version
* Serpent 52.0 roytam1's Blogspot page, XP fork of Basilisk, similarly to New Moon
Slimjet Official site Fork of Chromium 50-ish
Tor Browser 7.5.6, Homepage Last XP version, based on Firefox 52.9.0. Not trusted as secure!
Vivaldi 1.0.435.46 Official site Last XP version
* Yandex Browser (offline installer) Last XP version

Internet Software

Name Version Download Link Notes
Ares BitTorrent, Homepage Last XP version
Deluge 1.3.15 Official site Lightweight BitTorrent client
* Free Download Manager 3.9.7 Official site Download manager that speeds up downloads, useful for downloading from
* Google Earth Pro, Homepage Last XP version
Internet Download Manager 6.4.0 Build 7, Homepage Free 30 Day Trial
January 2022 Version
Mozilla Thunderbird 52.9.1 Mozilla FTP Email client
NetStumbler 0.4.0, Homepage WiFi Network Scanner
OpenVPN Connect 2.3.18 OpenVPN Archive, Homepage Last XP version
* Pidgin 2.14.1 Download, SourceForge Home Lightweight IM client that supports many protocols.
* qBitTorrent FOSS BitTorrent client, recommended by torrent communities.
Relic TinyURL Downloader 1.3 Download, Homepage Wrapper for wget that allows easy downloading of TinyURL links. Made by u/over_clox for his Archive links.
Tixati 2.84, Homepage Last XP version
UltraVNC, Homepage Remote desktop software
** uTorrent 2.2.1, Homepage Last known good version. Whitelisted by most trackers.
YouTube-DL 2021.06.06 GitHub Youtube CLI downloader
Requires C++ 2010
YouTube Downloader HD 4.1, Homepage

Security Software

Name Version Download Link Notes
* Comodo Firewall Pro, Homepage Old but works, free
* Malwarebytes, Homepage Working version with definition updates
Panda Free Antivirus N/A Official site Working and still gets definition updates
Spybot S&D 2.4.40, Homepage Working version with definition updates

Office and Productivity

Name Version Download Link Notes
Adobe Acrobat Pro 7.0, Homepage Serial included
* Adobe Reader 11.0.08, Homepage Last XP version
Atlantis Word Processor, Homepage 30 day trial. Supports .docx files. Older version, recommended for MicroXP.
Atlantis Word Processor, Homepage 30 day trial. Supports .docx files
Calculator Plus! N/A Extension for the original XP calculator. Has a unit converter and a neat skin, but math functions aren't correct.
Calibre 1.48.0, Homepage Ebook software, can sideload books to Kindles.
Everest Dictionary 3.10, Homepage
Foxit Reader 2.2.2129, Homepage Older, lightweight
Foxit Reader Download, Homepage Last XP version
* LibreOffice, Homepage Basic .docx support
Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 2003, 2007, 2010 Microsoft's office suite for the Windows operating system
OpenOffice 4.1.10, SourceForge Home No .docx support
ResumeMaker 9.0, Homepage Old version from 2002, free for personal use. Homepage still up.
* STDUViewer 1.6.361.0 Official site Tool to open PDF and DJVU documents
Sumatra PDF 3.1.2, Homepage Last XP version
WPS Office 2019 Homepage Latest version fully works on XP, has support for .docx and .pdf files.

Media - Video, Audio and Image Software

Name Version Download Link Notes
Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Homepage Serial included
Adobe CS2 Products CS2, Homepage All CS2 products, including Photoshop
* AIMP 5.00.2344 Download, Homepage Last XP version. To change homepage language click on EN in the top right corner.
Audacity 1.2.6, Homepage Older lightweight version
* Audacity 2.1.3, Homepage Last XP version
Bandicam Screen and game recording software (serial included)
Password: toolkit
Blender 2.76b
3D modelling and animation
ColorPic 4.1, Homepage Last XP version
Fraps 3.5.99, Homepage Screen and game recording software (serial included)
* GIMP 2.8.22, Homepage Last XP version
Google Picasa 3.9.141 Discontinued
HandBrake 0.9.9 Last XP version
IconLab 1.1.0 Last XP version
ID3-TagIT 2.3.4 Update
* IrfanView 4.58, Homepage Plugins
iTunes, Homepage Last XP version
K-Lite Codec Pack 13.8.5 (Standard), Homepage Comes with MPC-HC and has MP4 support
K-Lite Codec Pack 10.2.0 Full Non-SSE, good for netbooks.
* Lightshot Official site Screenshot capturing tool
LiquidIcon 1.0.4, Homepage Portable 361KB icon editor, simple pixel editor interface
ManyCam, Homepage Virtual webcam. Last XP version.
MP3Tag 3.05, Homepage Software for editing ID3 tags in MP3 files
MPC-HC, GitHub Home May require codec pack (see K-Lite)
* Paint.NET 3.5.11, Homepage Last XP version
PhotoFiltre Image Editor 7.2.1, Homepage Has no option to associate files, but supports common formats
Sculptris Alpha 6, Homepage Original ZIP version, free. App discontinued, is now ZBrushCoreMini
ShareX 12.0, GitHub Screenshot/Screencast software, has image editing tools
Last XP Version, requires .NET 4
SMPlayer 21.10.0, Homepage Kind of slower than VLC. YouTube XP Patch
SMTube 21.10.0, Homepage YouTube plugin for SMTube. Requires XP patch for youtube-dl to work. Still works slower than VLC, but can be used with VLC through configuration.
Spotify 2013 and 2015 clients, Homepage Last XP versions. v0.9 has iTunes-like UI but broken search, v1.0.3 works fine and has Metro-like UI. v1.0.20 is newer but might crash when loading ad banners. None render album art unfortunately.
Update, December 10th 2022: Old Spotify apps will stop working in January 2023 according to this video.
SpotifyXP 1.0.0 Releases, GitHub page Spotify client for XP written in Java. Works with free accounts luckily.
TerraGen 0.9.43, Homepage Free terrain graphics generator, still developed for new systems
* VLC Media Player 3.0.16 Vetinari, Homepage Comes with codecs
VLC Media Player, Homepage
Winamp 2.95 Features classic Winamp 2.x UI
* Winamp 5.24 Last original dev team version
Winamp 5.666 Last AOL dev team version
Winamp 5.8.3660 Beta, Homepage Owners: Radionomy / Shoutcast
Activation not required
Winamp Plugins Collection N/A, Heritage It really whips the llama's ass! Check the heritage site for more.


Name Version Download Link Notes
* 7-Zip 21.06, Homepage
Autoruns 13.71, Homepage Configure all startup programs
CCleaner 4.19, Homepage Last XP version
CDBurnerXP 4.5.8, Homepage
CDex 1.51
ConEmu 210912 Portable, Installer Powerful terminal emulator for Windows
Convert 4.10, 5.0b3, Homepage Very handy unit converter, Beta has convert.dat to customize
Cygwin 2.874 Cathedral Networks Unix environment on Windows
DAEMON Tools Lite, Homepage Offline installer, can upgrade; requires .NET 4
** Defraggler 2.21.993, Homepage NOT FOR SSD'S!!!
Dependency Walker 2.2, Homepage
Double Driver 4.1.0, Homepage Backup installed device drivers
DVD Decrypter Discontinued
DVD Shrink, Homepage Decrypts and compresses DVD's
EasyRecovery Pro 6.04.08, Homepage Ontrack Data Recovery Software. Older version, not useful for .docx
* Everything Official site, Homepage Powerful file search tool
HashTab, Homepage
Hexplorer 2.6, SourceForge Home Change font in View>Options to OEM Fixed
* HWMonitor 1.43 Official site Tool to view hardware status and values
HxD, Homepage Powerful hex editor
ImgBurn, Homepage
Joystick2Mouse 3.20.5, Homepage Controls PC with game controller
MiniTool Partition Wizard 7.7 Server Edition Third party disk management tool
nLite, HomePage Tool for integrating components into Windows XP setup image
* Notepad++ 7.9.2, Homepage Last XP version
PeaZip 8.2.0, Homepage Friendly .zip extraction utility
PicPick 5.1.9, Homepage Create and edit screenshots
PowerISO 7.4 Program that manages and mounts ISO files
Process Explorer 16.21, Homepage Very powerful Task Manager alternative
* Process Hacker 2.38 Extremely powerful Task Manager alternative
Python 2.7.18 Homepage Last Python 2 release
Python 3.4.10 Homepage Last Python 3 release with XP support (3.5.0+ unsupported)
Resource Hacker 3.6.0, Homepage Still in development
* RoyTam Browser Installer N/A Tool to download all browsers made by roytam1
* Rufus 2.18 Official site Tool to write ISO files to USB drives with a multitude of options
** Snappy Driver Installer N/A Official site Tool to download and install device drivers
** Snappy Driver Installer Origin N/A Official site Tool to download and install device drivers (original version)
* UltraISO Program that manages and mounts ISO files (serial included)
Password: toolkit
Unlocker 1.8.5 Force release an open file locked to another running process
* Unlocker 1.9.2 Force release an open file locked to another running process
* Virtual CloneDrive Official site Clone and mount ISO files
WinCDEmu 4.1 Homepage Mount ISO files as virtual CD drives.
WinDirStat, Homepage Browse and visualize storage graphically by occupied space
WinRAR 4.20, Homepage Older version
WinRAR 6.02, Homepage Last XP version
Ycopy 1.0d, Homepage Bulk file copy utility, scriptable.

User Interface Enhancements

Name Version Download link Notes
Adolix Wallpaper Changer 2.1, Homepage
allSnap 1.34.2, GitHub Home
Click-N-Type Keyboard 3.02.0342, Homepage Word Prediction List
CNT Keyboard Designer 2.2.1, Homepage
Folder Marker 1.4, Homepage
* Launchy 2.5 Download, Homepage Open source program launcher for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
* RocketDock 1.3.5 Official site OS X-like dock for Windows
Shock Utilities N/A Homepage Lots of enhancements
Taskbar Shuffle 2.5
* TaskSwitchXP 2.0.11, Homepage
TweakUI 2.10
Visual Task Tips 3.4 Taskbar hover thumbnails
* WindowBlinds 5.10 and 7.4 Optional "serials" included
Password: toolkit
* Windows Sidebar Alky 1.1 Homepage, Gadgets Included with Alky. 100 Sidebar Gadgets
* Windows Themes Repository 22.05.2022 My repository of various themes, cursors, sounds, icons, software, patchers, wallpapers, etc. that I've been gathering from various sources.
It also includes certain software listed in this list already.
* xpize 5R6 Download GUI enhancer for XP. Replaces icons, bitmaps, login UI, themes and wallpapers with fresher XP-ified versions.
Desktop, Start Menu and winver, Log Off Dialog, LogonUI

Emulation / VM

Name Version Download link Notes
BlueStacks Download, Homepage Android Emulator for XP Needs .NET 4, 2GB RAM, and full DirectX9/D3D capable video drivers.
Lag, long loading times and visual glitches. Performance may vary..
* DOSBox 0.74.3, Homepage Still in development
ePSXe 2.0.2-1, Homepage Last XP version
Kega Fusion 3.64, Carpe Ludum Sega Master System / Genesis / SegaCD / 32x Emulator
PCSX2 1.6.0, Homepage PlayStation 2 emulator. Recent backport to XP.
Project 64, Homepage Version 3 crashes on XP
Snes9x 1.60, Homepage GoodSNES ROMs
VDMSound 2.1.0 Adds support for SB16 in Windows DOS mode games
VirtualBox 5.0.40 Download, Homepage Extensions
Update Root Certificates first
* VirtualBox 5.2.44 Download, Homepage Extensions
Update Root Certificates first
VirtuaNES 0.97, Homepage Ghostware, NESRoms
NESroms: Scroll to USA/
VMware Workstation Pro 10.0.7,, VirusTotal Needs product key
Windows XP Mode 1.3, Archived Files Official XP Mode virtual machine for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Official Windows 7 required.

Windows Components

Name Version Download Notes
* .NET Framework 1.0 - 4.5 OldVersion
* 3D Windows XP Screensaver 4.71.1015.0, Homepage From Whistler actually
DirectX 9.0c - June 2010
DirectX SDK August 2006 For software developers.
* Java 8u152,, Homepage Last XP version. Java on XP is practically obsolete now.
Microsoft Cabinet SDK 1.00.0601.00
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.3.4073.0 Edits key layout for foreign languages and configurations
* Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition 2003 Adds enhancement and entertainment software to Windows XP, with a focus on digital media.
* Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP 2001 Adds enhancement and entertainment software to Windows XP.
OJDKBuild 1.8.0_322-1 Download, GitHub Built binaries of OpenJDK (Java Development Kit). 32-bit version should still work on XP.
PowerShell 2.0 for XP Windows PowerShell 2.0 for Windows XP. Requires .NET 2.0.
Time Zone Editor Windows NT Original barebones MS utility
* Time Zone Update December 2013 KB2904266
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 2017 Time Zone Rules N/A 2017 Time Zone Rules for Windows 2000, XP and 2003 32-bit, includes Poland map patch.
* Visual C++ Redistributables 2005 - 2019 FreeFiles365 2019 don't work, use the ones below.
Visual C++ Redistributables 2019 x86, x64 Working C++ 2019 Redistributables for XP.
Windows Media Player 11 11 x86 and x64 installers for Windows Media Player 11. Includes a replacement file for systems that do not pass the Windows Genuine Advantage check.
XomPie 0.6a Tool for patching newer applications to run on XP.
XP Deployment Tools Service Pack 3 OS cloning prep and OOBE enabler tools
XP Update Archive N/A

Developer Tools

Name Version Download Link Notes
FreeBasic 1.08.1, Homepage
Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5
Visual Basic Express 2005 No registration required
Visual C# Express 2005 No registration required
Visual C++ Express 2005 No registration required
Visual Studio Express 2008 Requires registration
Windows SDK 7.1 Includes Visual Studio 2010 Compiler
Windows WDK 7.1

Microsoft Software

Name Version Download Link Notes
Windows Vista (all editions) Service Pack 2 (x86), (x64) Requires a valid Microsoft key
Windows Vista with Extended Kernel v10262021 EclecBoard Vista ISO with the Extended Kernel already preloaded. Useful for running apps like Firefox 95 and Chromium 91.
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 No online/phone activation required, Volume License only, requires a valid Volume License key
Windows XP Professional (with AHCI drivers) Service Pack 3 Same as above, but has the MassStorage driverpack integrated. VL keys provided.
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 WinWorld Keys included on site
Microsoft MSDN Archive Download page
Archived version of's MSDN archive, use a torrent app to select only the files that you want to download (it is a 600GB file in total, around 2.8TB when unpacked).


Name Type Download link Description
* Windows XP Unofficial Service Pack 4 Update Pack Google Drive, Forum Thread Contains Service Pack 3 and all updates from there up to 2019. Contains POSReady 2009 updates as well.
* Windows XP Unofficial Service Pack 4 End-of-Support Update Rollup Update Pack Google Drive (link dead), Install this in addition to the Service Pack 4, provides extra updates. The original link is dead so I uploaded my copy to Mega.
* Updating Windows Vista completely offline Update Pack YouTube video Updates Windows Vista fully, but will take a lot of time.
* UpdatePack7R2 Update Pack Download, Blog Post A pack that will update Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 of any language and architecture. The given .exe file is a downloader for the latest version of the pack. If you drop a clean ISO onto the downloaded pack, it will create an updated ISO file, however it may take a while.
Windows Updates for Legacy Operating Systems (WULOS) Update Pack Wordpress Blog Enormous pack of updates (~40 GB) for pretty much every old version of Windows. Also includes useful utilities.
Restoring Windows Update for Windows Vista Workaround MyDigitalLife Workaround to get the official Windows Update servers working, also adds the ability to get Server 2008 updates on Vista.
Restoring Windows Update for 2000, XP and Vista using a WSUS proxy Workaround MyDigitalLife Workaround to get old Windows connected to a WSUS server and download updates from there
Restore Automatic Windows Updates for 2000, XP and Vista the easy way Workaround YouTube WSUS server hosted by Discord member Harry, tested and working, recommended way to get updates compared to upper two.
* Windows Vista Extended Kernel Patch Homepage, Repository Link to win32's Extended Kernel repository for Windows Vista.
* Root Certificate Updater Patch Tool to update certificates on Windows XP and Vista installations. Very recommended to use.
Root Certificate Updates Patch, Mediafire Root certificate updates by BlackWingCat

Notable Games and Novelties

List of latest games supported on XP (Reddit thread)

Name Version Download Link Notes
Battle for Wesnoth 1.10.7 Download,, Homepage Later versions (1.12, 1.14) may work, but may not be stable.
Brutal Chess 0.5.2, Homepage Supports software rendering
Cave Story, Homepage Archive is English, homepage offers many languages
Coagula Light 1.666, Homepage Image to sound synthesizer, very interesting audio program
.kkrieger Chapter 1, MyAbandonware, Wikipedia, Homepage (archived) An entire first person shooter in just 96 KB made as a demo by a group named .theprodukkt. Requires a beefy PC (by XP's standards)!
Lego Digital Designer 4.3.12 Download, Discontinued, use offline mode - Preferences > Compatibility +1
Minecraft (MultiMC 5) 0.6.13 RapidGator (version archived by u/glowiak), Homepage 7-Zip says the archive is broken, but it's not. Click to not update, or it will break.
Alternatively use TL legacy below.
1.16.5 is the last vanilla version that works with Java 8.
Minecraft (TL Legacy) 138.10 (JAR) Official Website Watch out for Fakes and Malware! The safe original is
Windows XP only officially supports up to Java 8 which is only supported up to 1.16.5!
Mod to add (some) content and features from future versions
Website is in Russian, but Launcher has translations.
Attack of the Warrior Sheeps infdev page A Plants vs. Zombies-like game written in Java by glowiak.
PrBoom+ Homepage, IWADs, Mods etc. Engine source port for id Software's Doom. Requires original Doom files (IWADs) to play.
QuakeSpasm 0.94.2 Homepage, Game Files Engine source port for id Software's Quake. Requires original Quake files to play.
Scratch 1.4, Homepage Children's drag and drop practice programming environment, very cool!
Space Cadet Pinball (reverse engineered port) 1.1.1 Reverse engineered Windows and Linux port of the Space Cadet Pinball game. Works with XP-bundled .DAT file, and the one from FullTilt (higher resolution resources).
Voxlap Cave Demo Download, Homepage This is a remarkable voxel based game engine prototype from Ken Silverman
WinFract 20.04p14, Homepage Fractal Renderer
ZDoom 2.8.1 Homepage Discontinued. GZDoom only works on modern Windows.

Internet Archive



Web Sites

Web Downloads


User agent overrides for New Moon and Serpent to install addons from Pale Moon and Basilisk addon stores:
Go to about:config and create the following for New Moon:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:4.1) Goanna/20170101 PaleMoon/29.3.1

And for Serpent:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.8 Firefox/68.0 Basilisk/20210719

uBlock for New Moon and additional filter lists from Adguard:
To install uBlock Origin on New Moon you can go to uBlock Origin for Firefox Legacy's GitHub page and download the latest release.
To integrate the Adguard filter lists (also works on Mypal68), go to options, then the "Filter lists" tab, scroll down, click "import" and paste this:

Afterwards, click "Update" and wait till it finishes, then click "Save changes".

Fix for touchpad scrolling in Waterfox
Lately I have been using Waterfox G3.2.6 on my laptop running Windows 8.1 due to how lightweight Firefox 78 is. It runs very well for the most part but I was instantly thrown off by the lack of touchpad scrolling in the browser. Luckily after some short searching I came across the solution.
Simply go to about:config, find the preference "ui.window_class_override", replace it with "MozillaWindowClass" and restart Waterfox, after which your scrolling should work fine!
This appears to be a bug with the Synaptics touchpad driver which uses a specific method to enable scrolling in Firefox, and having the class name change makes it break.
Reddit thread
ui.window_class_override preference

Downloading extensions from the Chrome Web Store on Chromium 49 and making them work:
Find the extension or theme you want to download, and copy the extension ID from it. This does not include anything after the extension ID, if you're not sure if something is part of the ID or not, remove it and see if the page still loads.


Extension ID Example

Next, copy this URL:[PRODVERSION]&acceptformat=crx2,crx3&x=id%3D[EXTENSIONID]%26uc

With this URL we can download the extension straight from Google's servers. You will need to use a browser other than Chrome as to not automatically install it.
Next, replace [PRODUCTVERSION] with the exact version of Chrome that you're running, which in your case is 49.0.2623.112 for Chrome, and 49.0.2623.23 for Chromium Portable which you should use anyway.
Afterwards, replace [EXTENSIONID] with the end of the Extension ID you just copied.
If you hit Enter it should download a .CRX extension file. Unzip it, and if it has a _metadata folder, remove the underscore ( _ ) from it.

Then, go to Settings > Extensions, enable Developer Mode, click "load an unpacked extension" and lead it to the folder you just unpacked.
This is where normal Chrome starts to swear at locally installed extensions, while Chromium doesn't, hence why I put Chromium in the software list.
With this done, I will now leave a link to a bunch of unpacked Chrome extensions and themes for you to try out, one of them being a version of uBlock Origin that still works on Chrome 49.

Using the Discord plugin for Pidgin as a lightweight alternative to the web client:
There is a plugin for Pidgin which lets it use Discord, which is a better alternative to the bloated web client, that's often too slow for XP machines.

Warning: using anything other than the official Discord client is against the TOS. They won't outright ban you for it in most cases, but still, be warned.

To get started you should have Pidgin 2.14.1 installed from the software list above.
Next, go to the plugin's GitHub page and download the 2 linked DLL files under the "Windows" section. Put "libjson-glib" in Pidgin's installation folder, and "libdiscord" in the "plugins" folder.
Next, go to Accounts, set up your Discord account, go to Avanced, and uncheck "Fetch unread messages when account connects", otherwise it will open up every channel you have on Discord and will get you temporarily IP banned due to lots of network requests. Once you're certain that the option is unchecked, click OK and you will have your servers pop up in your buddy list.

Purple Discord

Playing YouTube videos in VLC
VLC has built-in compatibility for playing network streams, which also works with YouTube, however usually it takes some work to get it running as the YouTube support that it comes with is often outdated.
To get it working, you have to head to VLC's GitHub repository and find the file called youtube.lua. Once there, click on "Raw" and save the obtained page as "youtube.luac" and put it in "VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist" (on Linux you can find the location for VLC by typing "whereis vlc" in the command line.)

After that, open VLC (or restart it if it was running), go to "Media > Open network stream" and paste your YouTube link (remember to set the desired video output and quality in the settings to hopefully improve performance). Alternatively you can use to bring up a list of invidious instances, search for a video there and replace everything before "watch?v" with "".
You can also use SMTube with VLC by going to its configuration and adding it as a supported player. Then you can right click a video and set it to play in VLC.

Working Windows Live Messenger via the unofficial Escargot Servers
Reddit user u/RevolutionaryArm7530 found a way to get Escargot-patched Windows Live Messenger 2009 working on XP, beforehand only MSN Messenger worked.

Click-N-Type Additional Keyboards
Simply drop these files in the Click-N-Type program folder to use.
They should be available under File > Select a User Keyboard...

Full Qwerty Keyboard.cfg
Mini Alpha Keyboard.cfg
Mini Qwerty Keyboard.cfg

Courtesy of u/over_clox

Joystick2Mouse 3 Basic Mouse Config Files
This update configures the program with basic two button mouse support that is suitable for analog game controllers and gamepads with analog sticks.

Simply drop these files in the Joystick 2 Mouse 3 program folder to use.
Close the program before this update, it replaces Joystick 2 Mouse.exe.config

Basic Mouse.xml
General Actions.xml
Joystick 2 Mouse.exe.config

Courtesy of u/over_clox